Furniture Protection Coverage Summary

We understand that a new furniture purchase is an important decision and investment. Furniture Life offers Furniture Protection Plans that allow you to relax and enjoy the beauty and comfort of your new furniture without the worry of life’s little accidents.

How the Protection Plan Works

If a covered stain or damage occurs, simply call the toll-free customer service line within 30 days of the incident. Furniture Life may send a cleaning kit or schedule a service technician to come to your home to provide one of the following services, all at no cost to you!*

  • Professional cleaning for covered accidental stains
  • Professional repair for covered accidental damages
  • Zero labor charge on part replacement
  • Full item replacement if unable to clean or repair

Coverage for Furniture*

Plan term is for 4 years. All coverages are for covered accidental stains or damages from a specific incident. Only these accidents listed below are covered under this plan:

  • Food or beverage stains 
  • Human or pet bodily fluid stains
  • Grass, grease, ballpoint pen ink, cosmetics, iodine, lipstick, crayon and shoe polish stains
  • Nail polish stains
  • Rips, cuts, burns or punctures
  • Breakage of wood or other hard surface
  • Gouge, heat mark or liquid ring
  • Checking/cracking/bubbling/peeling of finish
  • Breakage of frames, springs, mechanisms and reclining, inclining, heating, vibrating functions will be covered if they were covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty that has expired.

Summary of Protection Plan EXCLUSIONS:

  • Any pet damage
  • General soiling and accumulation of stains
  • Odors
  • Unknown stains
  • Normal wear
  • Surface scratches

How to Submit a Service Request

You will need to go to the Furniture Life website and click on "Need to file a Claim".  You will need to fill out the required information along with submitting photos of the damage.

You will receive a copy of your protection plan documents at the time of purchase.  Please review the terms and conditions of your plan. If you have any questions contact Furniture Life Customer Service at the number below.

Furniture Life Customer Service: 1-800-527-8485

*Some exclusions apply. See protection plan terms and conditions for complete details. Protection plans are provided by Furntiure Life Insurance, Inc or one of its affiliates, and administered by Furniture Life Service Center, Inc. 

*Accidental Coverage IncludesFabricLeatherWood
Household food and beverage stainsYesYesYes
Stains from human or pet bodily fluidsYesYes
Stains from grass, grease, ballpoint pen ink, nail polish, cosmetics, crayonYesYes
Stains from shoe polishYesYes
Rips, cuts, burns, or puncturesYesYes
Liquid marks or rings

Gouge or heat marks from a single incident

Breakage of the wood frame or other hard surface from a single incident